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Estate Planning

The Bohm Law Firm assists people in transferring their assets to loved ones in the most efficient manner, as well as helping with end-of-life matters. Services provided include drafting wills, creating various trusts, and legally avoiding federal and New York transfer taxes.

Pinni Bohm, J.D., LL.M. (Tax) helps clients with their estate planning goals by utilizing the knowledge he obtained as part of NYU Law School's renowned LL.M. in Taxation Program. Pinni's extensive knowledge of the transfer tax systems in place at the state and federal level ensures his clients pay as little tax as possible under the law, while achieving all of their personal aims.

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Real Estate

The Bohm Law Firm has assisted dozens of individuals and businesses close complex real estate transactions with optimal tax consequences. We have utilized techniques such as the popular like kind exchanges, where a property is exchanged for another tax-free; installment sales; and sale-leasebacks. Contact us today to stop paying unnecessary taxes!

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